Our Story of THUMP

THUMP Training Systems was developed in 2000 by Christian Marchegiani, a boxing for fitness trainer in New York with the YMCA. On returning to Australia Christian noticed a massive cultural shift in group exercise training.

Instructors were relying on other sources and organisations to constantly supply them with material for their training sessions. Imagination and creativity seemed to be a thing of the past as fitness leaders were left to educate themselves or follow the industry trend in group exercise.

There was no formal accreditation or education process for trainers to gain qualifications to instruct boxing for fitness which led to an increased risk of injury to participants.

As the demand grew for more instructor training and education, THUMP Training Systems developed into a national organization with a range of certification courses, workshops, and seminars.

THUMP became the first boxing provider in Australia to develop a training system of multiple level courses and has been guiding health and fitness professionals ever since into a successful career utilising Boxing and Kickboxing as a form of exercise.

By 2001 THUMP Training was truly established and the next era of boxing for fitness was about to begin.

Now taught all over Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK ,THUMP BOXING has over 60,000 qualified instructors delivering this ever successful exercise program.

Due to its unique benefits and vigorous style of training boxing has now become one of the most used forms of cross training amongst athletes, sporting teams, and gym participants who want to vary their exercise routine but still have all the advantages of an effective workout.

Identifying the need for quality education and training many Cert 3 and 4 providers have taken the extra step in offering their students a complete package of career options in the fast growing fitness industry meaning students can now expect to graduate with the right accreditation in boxing for fitness.

All Fitness Professionals whether you are a Personal Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor THUMP will provide you with the opportunity to become a certified Boxing/Kickboxing Instructor by running Level 1, Advanced course and Level 3 Kick Box course which is accredited by Fitness Australia carrying over 21 CEC’s with its multi level courses.


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