What People Say?

  • Joe Purcell

    Hi Thump Team, You asked me to let you know on how I went with the course. My first experience was "how am I going to make time go fast"! But as the course went on I really started to enjoy the class!! I've been going to you guys for I think 4-5 years now and I'm not saying that the other instructors are no good, I'm just saying that this instructor was an absolutely champion! The class was enjoyable and I had a great time. From Joe Purcell 13/2/2017 Melbourne Level 1 & Advance Course.

    Joe Purcell
  • ‪Megan Johnston‬‪ (Victoria‬)

    What an awesome boxing course!! Enjoyed Level 1 so much I ended up staying in Melbourne overnight to back it up with the Advanced course!! Thanks Adam for being such an experienced, knowledgable and approachable instructor. Your sense of humour was awesome, made for a fun two days of learning. Thanks!!‬

    ‪Megan Johnston‬‪ (Victoria‬)
  • Caterina Pulitano  (Western Australia)

    What an awesome 2 days of training and what a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion Adam the director and head presenter has. The delivery of the course made it extremely easy to grasp correct techniques and also as a trainer rectify poor technique. A major focus with thump is Injury prevention of both client and trainer. Being in the Fitness Industry for 12 years personally I have found this qualification an invaluable tool for my client's goals and the development of my own personal skills as a personal trainer. I have nothing but high praises for this company and would recommend every fitness professional get on board and THUMP away.

    Caterina Pulitano (Western Australia)
  • Monique Wright (NSW)

    Thank you so much THUMP! All staff and presenters are just an absolute pleasure to deal with, I can highly recommend you guys. I can honestly say of all the courses I have taken, yours has been my favourite. Thump have that perfect balance of experience, technicality, skill and a sense of humour. It's makes going to a course with a group of strangers so much better when you can all have a laugh while learning a very technical skill set such as boxing for fitness, it was great to come back and complete the Advanced course with you again!!

    Monique Wright (NSW)
  • Nikki Rubino (NSW)

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Adam and the Thump team ! It was a long weekend, my arms can barely move today but all worth it indeed. The time taken to explain great technique not only for yourself but to help advise potential clients is what you would expect from a course like this and Adams energy, enthusiam & Patience exceeded my expectations !
Thank you again. Would definitely recommend this course.

    Nikki Rubino (NSW)
  • I could learn all the tricks in just 3 months – just can't believe i did it. All credit goes to the trainers, they are awesome.

  • The instructors are fantastic – very friendly and enthusiastic. The activities are varied from week to week which keeps it exciting. I would highly recommend Thump boxing.

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