Beginners Course (Level 1)



Beginner's Course (Level 1)

The Thump Boxing Level 1 course covers a wide range of principals associated with Boxing and Fitness, an emphasis on correct and structured systems and methods which will help you coach correct technique to your clients or classes.

This is our introduction level course and is a pre-requisite to any of Thumps other levels. This is where we will teach you the technical aspects with the punches such as Jab, Cross, Lead Uppercut and Dominant Uppercut.

You will also learn correct and proper Pad Holding as well as the “Do’s and Don’t’s”. Correct Pad Holding is the key element needed by you the Fitness Professional.

Level 1 Course Outline

Correct Punching Technique:

Learn how and why we punch the way we do.

Correct Pad Holding:

Learn the most effective and safest way to hold focus pads.

Safety and Injury Prevention:

What is the safest way and how to prevent injuries to you and your clients.

Class or Session Structure:

Whats the safest and most effective way to structure your Class or Session in accordance with Fitness Australia guidelines.

Exercise Programming with Boxing:

Learn easy systems to develop and modify exercises.

Speed and Power Drills:

Learn the difference between speed and power and what will work best with your clients.


Learn dynamic punching combinations which can actually increase clients technique.

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Thump Instructor Courses Summary

The Thump Boxing for Fitness courses are designed to educate and assist Fitness leaders, Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors on how to properly teach, construct and conduct boxing for fitness classes or sessions in all types of environments. The courses are designed for any level of experience especially for those who have no experience at boxing.

The course covers a wide range of topics associated with boxing and fitness with an emphasis on injury prevention, correct punching techniques and pad holding. We take the principals of professional boxing training as well as the principals of functional fitness training and combine them to form a unique training regime.

Mainly we steer away from the concept of fighting in the ring and show how boxing for fitness training can help you achieve your desired results. We use structured teaching methods which are in accordance with the parameters set by Fitness Australia guidelines.

When you enroll in a Thump course we will provide the following:

  • Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads

  • Textbook/Manual, in depth and professionally presented

  • Cotton inserts, for hygienic reasons

  • A Thump Singlet (certified instructor)

  • Access to ongoing learning material and videos via Thump website

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