Why Choose Thump?


  • THUMP is the only boxing program in the world with multi level education and training for instructors which takes a minimum of 2 days to complete meaning time and effort is spent on learning the fundamentals of boxing.
  • THUMP teaches trainers the functional fitness principles behind boxing and what the physiological benefits are to the human body. This is important for trainers to understand so they can provide the best possible workout for their clients.
  • THUMP Boxing programs are closely aligned to professional boxing principles which can be adapted in a safe fitness environment.
  • THUMP is a recognised global brand which has proven to be consistent with its teaching's giving credibility to trainers worldwide.
  • THUMP trainers will have access to monthly class formats, boxing combinations, and technique updates making sure their sessions are always fresh and motivating.
  • THUMP educates trainers how to adapt boxing to all levels of fitness and physical abilities while ensuring their experience requirements are met.
  • THUMP Boxing sessions will take your clients to another level of fitness and enjoyment while raising the intensity of what they have come to expect from boxing classes.
  • Trainers need to be educated when teaching any program of fitness due to the high calibre of movement involved meaning their clients bodies are at risk if not taught properly. THUMP provides the highest level of boxing training available.
  • The most important aspects you will notice with THUMP is our professionalism to training and development for instructors and our focus on safety and injury prevention.
  • THUMP Boxing utilizes all components of functional fitness training to gain improvements in muscular and cardiovascular endurance while also maintaining a high level of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

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